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Acuma Labs Filter Machine (d8b)

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Note: this plug-in only works with a d8b running Service Pack 3 (see Downloads tab) and equipped with one or more optional UFX card(s).

Intuitive, powerful, sweeping filter effects

Finally, there is an easy and intuitive way to achieve powerful, sweeping filter effects using Acuma's classic, analog styled, 4-pole filtering plugin for the Mackie D8B. Utilizing stereo input and output paths, Filter Machine's large display field enables you to easily drag and drop any of the 16 filters in real time to simultaneously adjust Frequency and Output Pan.

Select from the graphic editing sliders to adjust Pan Modulation, Frequency Modulation, and 4th order High and Low pass filtering. Link left and right filters together into stereo pairs or fine tune the parameters further by using 2 LFO blocks that incorporate preset waveforms and envelope followers with adjustable rate, depth, volume and phase.

Dial in the beat of the music by selecting the BPM, or tapping the tempo in real time, and quantize the LFO rates to the nearest interval selecting from note, whole note, triplet, etc. All of the filter rates snap to the correct interval with just a click of your mouse. And of course, all Filter Machine's parameters are automated through the D8B's automation engine and can be stored or recalled as a preset.


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